Owe $10K or Less to the IRS?

You get expert instruction from a licensed Enrolled Agent, Tax Relief Specialist, and former Senior IRS Agent

» Learn How to Set Up an IRS Payment Plan

» Discover How to Set Up an IRS Payment Plan and keep it affordable

» EXACTLY how the IRS payment plan application process works

» IRS requirements for QUALIFYING for a payment plan

» How to take CONTROL of your IRS back taxes

» Expert tips and STRATEGIES in dealing with the IRS

» Best practices on how to AVOID IRS back taxes in the future

» How to PREVENT the IRS from taking your future tax refunds

» EASY to understand and follow expert instructions

» Get (and stay) in GOOD STANDING with the IRS and sleep better at night

» Protect your income and assets by REDUCING the chances of IRS enforcement action

» Save THOUSANDS of $$$ in professional fees

» You get over $4,990 of VALUE with this course alone

What Taxpayers Like YOU are Saying!

This Course Includes:

  • Full Video on Setting Up an Affordable Payment Plan!

  • Step-by-Step Instructions from a Former IRS Agent!

  • Complete Checklist!

  • Exact Blueprint that Tax Firms Use!

  • FAQ's and Supplemental Resources!

  • Articles on Resolving IRS Debt!

  • Special Reports on IRS Relief!

  • FIRST ACCESS to new courses and more available to course students only!

Here's What Other Taxpayers Say!

Fast & Dependable

Sam R., Middleburg, FL

“Fast, dependable, reliable, full transparency. Michael Raanan of Landmark Tax Group allayed my fears of spending the rest of my senior years paying tax debt. As a result of his extensive knowledge of the tax code, the right questions to ask, and his dedication to my case, I had information, resolution and a plan of action within 24 hours, start to finish. Amazing! I highly recommend Landmark Tax Group.”

$93k Settled for $5k

Ann V., San Francisco, CA

“We can’t thank you enough, not just for the result, but for the absolute professionalism you displayed through the entire process, and for your wise and patient guidance through each step. Your knowledge and confidence were a source of comfort to us and we are truly grateful. Having our $93,490 tax balance settled for only $5,176 has improved our lives. Thank you, Michael!”

My Debt Was Reduced 73%

Neil T., CA

Michael and his team got my case resolved quickly even with the pandemic going and the IRS was shut down. My debt was reduced 73% and I have low affordable payments. I’ve dealt with other tax resolution companies and they were absolutely no help. Many thanks to Landmark!

Our 2009 Tax Balance, 110K, Was Removed

Frances B.

I thought I’d let you guys know that as of August 2nd, our 2009 tax balance, 110K, was removed!!! I know Micheal asked me to keep him informed. We have paid the other tax years, 2015-2017, and as he suggested I’d ask, I was given an abatement on tax year 2015! Just wanted to say thank you to Micheal for his insight and suggestions on how to go about handling this and also for your assistance whenever I would contact you.

Reduced My Tax Liability by 90%

T T., Novato, CA

Michael Raanan has successfully closed my case with the IRS and has reduced my tax liability by 90% in a highly favorable offer and compromise. He far exceeded my expectation and very quickly. I absolutely recommend Landmark Tax Group without question. Thank you Michael!

Michael Raanan, MBA, EA has resolved over $400 Million in IRS back taxes!!!

ABOUT Michael Raanan, MBA, E.A. 
Michael is a Licensed Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Agent. He is the Founder and President of Landmark Tax Group with 18 years of experience successfully resolving IRS concerns for literally thousands of tax relief clients throughout the country. In this booklet, he gives taxpayers the upper hand when dealing with IRS back taxes by sharing specific ways to pay less to the IRS! Why worry about tax liens, wage garnishments, bank levies or losing a home?! 
Michael Raanan has resolved over $400 Million and have negotiated such beneficial settlements for taxpayers such as:
  • Settling a $137,000 IRS tax debt for just $864 
  • Settling a $93,940 IRS tax debt for just $5,176 
  • Removing 100% of penalties while forcing the IRS to pay interest to the taxpayer 
  • *Every case is different. Results may vary. Do you qualify for an IRS settlement? Find out!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Who This Course Is For & What You Will Learn!

    • Who This Course Is For & What You Will Learn!

  • 2

    How an IRS Payment Plan Works!

    • How an IRS Payment Plan Works!

  • 3

    How to Qualify for a Payment Plan!

    • How to Qualify for a Payment Plan!

  • 4

    Ways to Apply for the Payment Plan!

    • Ways to Apply for the Payment Plan!

  • 5

    How Much the IRS Charges to Set Up the Payment Plan!

    • How Much the IRS Charges to Set Up the Payment Plan!

  • 6

    How to Make IRS Payments!

    • How to Make IRS Payments!

  • 7

    Expert Tips and Tricks!

    • Expert Tips and Tricks!

  • 8

    How to Maintain Your Approved Payment Plan!

    • How to Maintain Your Approved Payment Plan!

  • 9

    Summary and What Else You Need to Know!

    • Summary and What Else You Need to Know!

All Courses Include:

  • 24/7 On-Demand Video!

  • Access on Mobile and Desktop!

  • Full Lifetime Access!

  • Downloadable Resources!

  • Certificate of Completion!